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dFuzion, Inc. understands that your business is constantly challenged by the task of managing the demands of growth while coping with continuous technology changes. Our focus is to keep your systems operational and available so you can focus your efforts on the demands of growing your business, managing costs and increasing revenues. We want to help you turn your data networks into an effective, efficient component of your business. The dSentinel program can truly benefit your business in numerous ways.

1. The dSentinel program will increase your operational efficiency.
Is too much of your time spent on your technology issues instead of your business? With the dSentinel™ program, we take care of your technology issues for you. In addition, we can be your single point of contact for all your technology vendors (internet service provider, hardware manufacturers, software publishers, telecom provider, etc.)

2. The dSentinel program will reduce and control your technology operating costs.
The dSentinel™ program is based on a fixed monthly fee (based on the number of servers, workstations, and network appliances) to help you budget your technology requirements. In addition, you get access to our help desk support and if we can solve your problem remotely there is no charge to you!

3. The dSentinel program provides you with cost-effective access to enterprise level technical support.
With the dSentinel™ program, you are no longer limited to the knowledge of one technician. You have access to our entire team of certified, technical experts. We are available by phone, email, and the internet to solve any of your technical problems.

4. Experience minimized downtime with the dSentinel program.
The dSentinel™ program is a proactive management, maintenance, and monitoring solution for businesses. Because we monitor your equipment 24x7, we can help prevent system failures before they happen. Because we maintain your equipment 24x7, you can be assured that your equipment is running at peak operational efficiency. And because we manage your equipment 24x7, we can provide suggestions that will keep preserve your network health.

5. The dSentinel program lets you focus on running your business and not your vendors.
Technology should always work for you and not against you. If you are spending time on your technology infrastructure at the cost of developing your business, you are not using your resources efficiently. With the dSentinel™ program, you have affordable access to technology experts so that you can focus on your business.

6. The dSentinel program will give you peace of mind since your network is being monitored 24/7/365 by technical experts.
When you sign up for the dSentinel™ program, you sign up with a company who is wholly committed to ensuring your computer network is running at peak efficiency. We treat our clients' networks as if they were our own.